Something Wild

Something Wild (2006-2007)

Something Wild was Anjali’s third major tour, a triple bill consisting of Save the Last Dance by Charlotte Vincent, Saloon by New Art Club, and Butterfly by Suzette Neptune. Something Wild was a national and international tour throughout 2006-2007 and included a performance at the Kultur Vom Rande festival in Reutlingen, Germany.

Save The Last Dance

Three lads steaming through an evening of alcohol-fuelled bonding, posturing and nostalgia in a romantic lament that examined the conflict between the brash, public male persona and the often-hidden masculine sensitivity within. Save the Last Dance was choreographed by Charlotte Vincent and TC Howard of Vincent Dance Theatre.


A dance theatre piece for 3 men, 4 women and 0 horses set in the Wild West which explored universal themes of love, death and dancing, centred around an act of random violence committed by a stranger. Saloon was choreographed by New Art Club.


A potent brew of film, martial arts-inspired choreography and beautiful fluid images, suggesting both strength and fragility. Its theme was expressed through bold movement that oscillated between calm, still reflection and muscular, frenetic explosions of physical contact. Butterfly was choreographed by Suzette Neptune.

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