Through New Eyes

Trough New Eyes (2001-2002)

Through New Eyes was Anjali’s first major production and was toured throughout 2001-2002.  Prosperous Beach by Matthew Hawkins, Flight by Rhonda Harbour and Talking Point by Claire Russ were performed at the Purcell Room in London and toured as a triple bill to venues throughout the UK. Talking Point was commissioned by Southern Arts.

Prosperous Beach

Prosperous Beach by Matthew Hawkins was commissioned for the South Bank Centre’s Blazing Festival, which celebrated the best in dance, music and visual arts in 2000. This piece was performed at the Royal Festival Hall as part of a three-day run of events based on Anjali’s work and gained a four-star review in The Guardian. The piece was also performed at the Royal Opera House alongside dancers from the Royal Ballet.

Choreography: Matthew Hawkins
Costumes: Pearl
Music: Strauss and Mendelssohn


Abandoning their solitary flight paths, four dancers united towards a common goal. Striving for the unattainable, their desire was to escape gravity as they hovered between reality and fantasy. In 1992 Peter Greenaway curated an exhibition called Les Bruits des Nuages (Noises of Clouds) which depicted humankind’s foolishness in its continued attempts to fly. With ingenuity, energy and persistence, however, the Anjali dancers attempted to take off.

Choreography: Rhonda Harbour
Direction: Nicole Thomson
Costumes: Eleanor Courtenay
Music: Anthony Kinber-McTiffen
Video: Kasia Howard

Talking Point

Quirky body conversations connected each dancer. Geometric forms flickered and faded and music pulsed out in loud beats and rhythms. The dancers commanded space and time with disarming eloquence.

Choreography: Claire Russ
Design: Caroline Broadhead
Music: Leftfield, Kruder and Dorfmeister

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