Diana Christie
Dance Artist

Diana Christie is a drama and dance facilitator specialising in work with young people with SEN, EAL, behavioural challenges, autism and related conditions, and those experiencing challenges at school and home. She also works with adults with learning and physical disabilities. Diana’s style of facilitation supports all of her participants in using drama and dance to express themselves whilst gaining confidence and self esteem.

She originally trained as an actor at Guildford School of Acting, graduating with a first class degree honours in Acting, and went on to enjoy a career in TV and commercials before volunteering with an inclusive community theatre group and realising that this was a more rewarding outlet for her skills and training.

Diana has a huge passion for drama and dance facilitation, as she believes that being creative provides an opportunity for people to express themselves in a way that more formal styles of learning lack, as well as seeing daily how it can be a cathartic outlet for those who are vulnerable or experiencing difficulties.

Companies Diana has worked with include: CTC, The North Wall Arts Centre, Wizard Theare, Be Free Young Carers, Life With Art, West End In Schools, Knots Arts, The Theatre In Chipping Norton and Shakespeare Schools Festival.

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