Past Productions

The Unicorn

A solo performance by Lauren Payne which portrays the hidden strength and purity of a woman. 

The Reflection

A duet inspired by an image of the moon shining on the water. 

Second Skin

A young man trapped in his identity peels off layers of gender stereotyping. Solo performed by Nick McKerrow. 


A double bill created and performed by Anjali Dance Company, toured and performed in the UK and abroad in 2017/2019 to enthusiastic critical acclaim.

Fruit for Thought

Fruit for Thought was choreographed by Aya Kobayashi for Resolution 2011 at The Place, London.


T4Two was created for Decibel Festival 2009 in Manchester and was toured throughout 2010 alongside excerpts from Unexploded Stories.

Unexploded Stories

Unexploded Stories was a collection of solos and other chamber pieces fused together by passion, purpose, and a theme of dreams and desires.

Something Wild

Anjali’s third major national and international tour throughout 2006-2007, a triple bill consisting of Save the Last Dance, Saloon and Butterfly.

The Divine Splashette

A 1950′s aqua show in miniature, complete with Hollywood bathing belle and just enough water to make a splash. 


Anjali’s second major tour, another triple bill which toured nationally and internationally to venues which included Lillian Bayliss Studio and Stratford Circus in London and Teatro Municipal in Lisbon, Portugal.

Through New Eyes

Through New Eyes was Anjali’s first major production and was toured throughout 2001-2002. 

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