How can I help?

Help us to sustain our trailblazing dance work and ensure we can continue showcasing the extraordinary creative potential of people with learning disabilities.

Anjali is a registered charity and not-for-profit organisation. We, therefore, rely on the generosity of public subsidy, trusts and foundations, donors, and audiences to sustain our work.

Please donate today to support talented artists.

You can also support us by:

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  • Volunteering your time
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  • Telling others about our work and opportunities


“Among those who help people with learning disabilities, the work of Anjali Dance Company is outstanding. It is an organisation of national importance. Its work is inspiring and humbling. Its achievements are astounding in their scope, and in what they have demonstrated about the capabilities of people who were once condemned to lives of inactivity and lack of fulfilment. The company is a model of good practice and is of enormous benefit to the community.” 

Sir Tony Baldry, former MP

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