Anjali Dance Company’s outreach and participation work empowers people with and without learning disabilities to explore and develop their creative potential in a friendly, focused and nurturing environment.

We offer a range of bespoke workshops, residencies, and masterclasses, drawing on our years of experience, to offer insight into our creative processes and methods.

Anjali’s work is always led by people with learning disabilities, with support from a practitioner.

We are passionate about engaging with others to:

  • Support the development of creative skills
  • Provide positive role models and support social cohesion
  • Share our work and opportunities to get involved
  • Demonstrate what people with learning disabilities can achieve when given the opportunity

Team Teaching Project: Two's Company

Focusing on Anjali’s team-teaching methodology, our learning-disabled dancers co-deliver with non-disabled dance practitioners to perform co-created duets and deliver inspirational creative dance workshops.

We partner with dance organisations and groups who benefit from our expertise; work with a range of participant groups countrywide; and inspire people through our (co)led workshops, delivered by people with learning disabilities.

“The Anjali workshop was a high-quality experience for the participants that were relevant, fully inclusive of their needs and full of joy!” 

Sophie Alder

Artistic Learning Manager, Northern Ballet

They were totally engaging workshops; learning was happening on different levels and was definitely mutually beneficial. Thank you Anjali, for the rich and fascinating workshops you delivered during our Arts week celebrations!”

Sylwia Gryzia

Fort Royal Community Primary School


Tour Outreach & Participatory Work

As part of our professional tours, Anjali’s outreach team delivers residencies, workshops and training opportunities. This often includes INSET training, and CPD for professionals working in the field within SEN and mainstream schools, disability-led organisations and health settings.

The outreach team travelled the breadth of the country, as far north as Barnsley, Halifax and Leeds and south to Bournemouth and Plymouth.

“The group were mesmerised when Hannah and Lauren performed an excerpt from Genius. There are some very vocal people in the group (which we encourage!) so for the room to fall so silent came as a surprise. It was a beautiful moment. Some of our young participants were very moved by the dance and the music.”

Maria Spadafora

Youth Club Officer , Orange Box Theatre

“I enjoyed all the interaction and breaking down of inhibitions – it was very well directed with professionalism and good humour.” 

Support Worker

Barnsley College

To book Anjali Dance Company, please contact info@anjali.co.uk

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