Emily Morris



Emily studied LLB Law with a year abroad at The University of York. After graduating in 2017, Emily was an award-winning Paralegal, working with clients who have suffered injury abroad. During her legal career, she established a legal clinic in Spain, developed a support booklet for children whose parents are separating and contributed to a training manual for social workers in Hong Kong. Her work has been featured on ITV Central, The Times, BBC Radio York/Sheffield and LBC Radio. She also served as the chair of the Disability Sub-Committee for Birmingham Law Society (2019/2020). Emily currently works as an English Teacher with an interest in special educational needs. 

Emily is keen to challenge social inequality and disability perceptions as a neurodiverse professional. 

Emily first became interested in dance after participating in Critical Mass 2022 and D-Sign Dance with Black Country Dance Hub. She is passionate about creating inclusive opportunities to ensure all can participate. 

Photo credit Romy Whai

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