Peggy Holland


My twin son Jack was born with Downs Syndrome in 1984. For complex reasons, we gave him up for adoption as a baby and he was brought up in another family. So, although I lack the lived experience of raising a child with a disability, I am certain Jack is the main reason why I share Anjali’s embodiment of deep-seated beliefs in challenging preconceptions about disability and the arts.

Freeman College in Sheffield is named after my great uncle Arnold – another institution enabling people with learning disabilities to produce artefacts of the highest professional standards.

I am a non-dancer who personally prefers gardening and singing as my creative outlets. After retiring as a social worker in Adult Community Mental Health in 2007,  I became part of Wallingford’s Museum and the volunteer archaeological team. After my parents died, in 2012 I moved to the Eastern Pyrenees in France returning in 2023 to be closer to my family.

Mike Westwood (retiring chair) introduced me to Anjali in 2011. Anjali’s performances continue to fill me with joy and wonder.

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