Anjali Dance Company empowers learning-disabled dancers as creative artists by actively supporting and promoting their artistic development.  We demonstrate the extraordinary talents and creative abilities of people with learning disabilities.

We create and perform original work, in collaboration with world-class choreographers, with high production values. Anjali has worked with some of the UK’s foremost dance choreographers including Gary Clarke, Lea Anderson, Claire Russ, Matthew Hawkins, Charlotte Vincent and New Art Club.

Anjali’s dancers are central to the development of all our artistic work, shaping the choreographic process and the content. Our dancers are treated with utmost respect as artists who happen to have learning disabilities, not as people with learning disabilities who happen to dance.

Anjali’s artistic style is unguarded, elegant, truthful and humorous; we inspire and astonish audiences wherever we perform. By devising and touring wildly imaginative dance work of the highest standards, we have demonstrated an engaging and challenging aesthetic that brings a radical new perspective to dance.

“Bold, ambitious, technically and visually stunning… This is a company I would want to see tour more extensively as they challenge the perceptions and assumptions about quality often expressed about inclusive companies – there is no compromise – simply thrilling, deeply engaging work performed by high calibre and committed dancers who love what they do.”

Michaela Butter

Former Director, Attenborough Arts Centre




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